Get USB Light Fan at Rs 109 Only – 45% OFF From tradus

Sonali Singh

Technology, today has brought such changes to the world that it feels like the things that are present today have always existed.Be it a vehicle, a grinder, a washing machine , a television or even a computer for that matter, and other thousands and thousands of inventions that are today a part and parcel of life. The science and technology are so embedded in our lives, that it is almost impossible to even think of lifting a leg without them. Another such small but highly useful gadget is USB Light fan, a computer accessory, that comes to you at a price of Rs 109 only- 45% discount, brought to you by tradus.

How to get the USB Light fan and redeem discount coupon?

  1. Click to view the USB Light fan.
  2. Click on BUY NOW.
  3. Click on get the deal button to add this product to your shopping cart.
  4. Click on the Proceed to pay button & enter your email id
  5. Fill in other details.
  6. Please use Gift Voucher USBFAN90 on final Payment page to get the discounted price of Rs 109 .
  7. Click on Redeem button.
  8. Now pay using Credit card / Debit Card or Net banking.
  • Free shipping available for the product.
  • All products sold on Tradus are 100% genuine and come with warranty.

Computer is not just a box today that perform mathematical and logical operations but today it is much more than that. And with the advent of laptops , even the computer has a changed meaning now.The USB Light fan is a gadget that provides, better cooling and never let your laptop turn hot, and hence letting you use the laptop longer.Easy to use and gets fit comfortably in your laptop, the USB Light fan is a not-to-miss deal that comes to you only at Rs 109/-, a discount of 45%.

Product Details: Available with the product.

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