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Sonali Singh

Water- An indispensable element,which life on the earth is dependent upon.Quenching everyone’s thirst, the water is an overlooked element.But are you drinking really safe and pure water? Pollution today has made environment lost its purity, so how could water be left unaffected? If the water that you are using daily in your cooking, drinking and other activities, seems clear, does not mean is pure enough to be consumed. So Whirlpool brings for you a miraculous Whirlpool Water Purifier at just Rs 14100.

How to get the Whirlpool Water Purifier at Rs 14100?

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Thousands of people die because of diseases.And do you now what is one of the main causes of these diseases? Contaminated water. Yes, it spread millions of diseases. This reason could be atleast minimized to zero level. With the help of Whirlpool Water Purifier, the revolutionary product, we help you protect against contaminated water and hence its hazardous consequences. Equipped with a 5-stage purification mechanism,the Whirlpool Water Purifier, not only removes the visible impurity, but also finishes off the invisible impurity, that is the root cause of diseases.

Whirlpool Water Purifier RO is India‚Äôs first RO Water Purifier that comes with the WQA Gold Seal on all of its internal filters.The revolutionary new range of Whirlpool Water Purifier comes with S.A.F.E (Silver AntiMicrobial Filtration Enhancer) which sees the use of the Unique Silver Impregnated Ceramic Cartridge that protects the stored water from microbial re-contamination. So that you get water that isn’t just pure, but stays pure for longer.You can sit back and relax. The float level controller with a safety block function, in the Whirlpool Water Purifier, makes sure that the water in the storage tank doesn’t overflow.

Product Details:

  • 6.5 L Capacity.
  • 5 Stage Purification.
  • SAFE filtration.
  • WQA gold seal.
  • Overflow protection.
  • Water level indication.

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