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Sowmya Nair

In the constant rush to reach your dreams are you compromising on your health? Thanks to fast food and pretty much no exercise, in no time we cross our ideal weight and end up being overweight. A weighing scale at home is a good way to keep a tab on your body. Buy Glass Digital Weighing Scale from Equinox. It is durable and accurate. This Glass Digital Weighing Scale has a large LCD display with an auto on & off function. It has a low battery/overload indication feature which makes it easy to use and simple to understand with a capacity to hold 150 kg. Check your weight regularly to notice any abnormal gain or loss.

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Glass Digital Weighing Scale

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Exercise often, eat healthy at every chance you get and weigh yourself regularly. Just these three things can ensure long healthy life. Remember, health is wealth! Chasing anything else while your health is compromised is futile. Buy Equinox 9300 Glass Digital Weighing Scale from Healthkart for Rs. 1,350 and save 38%!

Product Description:

  • Capacity : 150Kg
  • Graduation : 100Gm
  • Large LCD Display,DIsigned Platform ,Auto on function-Simply stand on it &read your weight, Step off & Scale holds reading for 5 seconds before Auto off, Low battery/overload indication,Power:2*CR20323V lithium Batteries.

2 Responses to “Glass Digital Weighing Scale Equinox 9300 for Rs. 1,295 | Healthkart”

  1. Agasti

    I have weighed me with scales that have both a pointer plus of late good digital scales.

    I am struggling to know why it is actually which when I weigh me plus then turn the scales round the alternative method (180 degrees) I receive different readings. The variations amount to many pounds (a couple of Kilograms) very consistently. Both readings are in moments of every additional.

    The surface the scales are on is flat plus the floor doesn’t slope.

    Any tips?

  2. Shaarav

    I have 2 scales, mechanical plus digital that properly weighed goods plus someone.
    Is there anything inside me, i don’t understand state a tumour which can result the scales to overweigh by state 30kg.
    This really is severe.
    No, i’m not obese. I’m guy btw. I should be seeing anything different to fact considering I see plus feel a skinny individual.
    This has me absolutely confused


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