Globus Stylish Polo Tees starting from Rs 320 – get additional 20% off


You need not be of a royal lineage and be in a polo match with society’s elites to wear these polo shirts. You can still wear these uber-fashionable Globus Stylish Polo Tees starting from Rs 320 and look equally incredulous.

Globus Stylish Polo Tees starting from Rs 320
Globus Stylish Polo Tees starting from Rs 320

How to buy Globus Stylish Polo Tees starting from Rs 320?

  1. View the deals at Tradus.
  2. Select the required size and click on “buy now” button.
  3. Fill in the needed details and place your order.
  4. Tradus Coupon code : GLO20 for an additional discount of 20%.

Globus is a retail clothing store chain, based in Mumbai, India. Kareena Kapoor became the brand ambassador in 2008. Globus Stores offers the latest trend setting apparels and accessories for you thus ensuring that you always step out in style. Globus Stylish Polo Tees starting from Rs 320 is a collection of ultra fashionable polo shirts with an amazingly cheap price. You can wear it as semi-formals as well as on a relaxed sunday brunch. Wrap it with a scarf along with a beige/ brown jacket and you’re on for the autumn look. Or, pair it with a pair of capris and moccasins for a beachy- laid back look. Ideal for gifts as well- now you need not brainstorm yourself about gifting within your budget. happy shopping!

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