Godrej 1.0 Tr 3 Star Split AC @ Rs. 21290–Shipping free


Now that the summer time is here and the sun is shining at its peak. It gets really unbearable to withstand such high temperatures. Won’t it be nice if you enter your beloved bedroom and find it cool and pleasant? Everyone wants an AC nowadays especially when the earth is becoming so hot due to the global warming. But the problem is they don’t come cheap. We now bring to you one of the hottest selling Split AC in the market. Dealstan.com is proud to present to you the Godrej 1.0 Tr 3 Star split AC GSC-12FC3 from Snapdeal.com. Moveover windows AC, as they are thing of the past bring home a Godrej Split AC.

Price Comparison:

  This is the best online price available, make use of this offer to get the very Cool Godrej 1 tr 3 star Split AC as the stocks are very limited.


Bring home the latest in technology


How to buy Godrej 1.0 Tr 3 Star GSC-12FC3 Split AC at Rs. 21290:

Benefits to buy Godrej Split AC from us:-

  • They cool much more efficiently.
  • They are being given at throw away prices
  • 3 STAR ratings ensure Split AC consume less power as compared to their counterparts which are also very expensive.
  • Fast shipping provided by Snapdeal.

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