Goodway Portable Electric Lunch Box at Flat Rs 200 Off – Coupon Inside

Kajal Mehta

Getitbazaar has the newest entrants in the market for your household and comfort. The best possible deals made available to you. Get truly unique and good quality products at feasible prices. What more could you want? Goodway Portable Electric Lunch Box is something that you would love to buy. Shop gladly. Get the best offers. Purchase the incredible Goodway Portable Electric Lunch Box for Rs.599 only.

How to buy the exceptional and coo Goodway Portable Electric Lunch Box:

  1. Go to buy Goodway Portable Electric Lunch Box here.
  2. Add to Cart.
  3. Go to Buy Now.
  4. Use the getitbazaar coupon code:NY2014 to get Rs 200 Off.
Lunch Box

Time has come of not depriving yourself from hot food. Use this lightweight lunch box which is easy to carry and keeps your food fresh throughout. It warms up your food through electrifying jolts of energy. It retains the vital nutrients as is in the food. It is made with ace quality food grade plastic. It consists of  3 air tight containers. It is manufactured with supreme quality stainless steel casing. It comprises a detachable cord. It can heat your food within a span of 10 minutes. It is thermally insulated. It also includes 3 food grade microwaveable storage containers.

It ensures that your food is kept fresh for hours altogether. The Power Consumption is 40 Watts. The dessert container capacity is 500ml. The food container capacity is 800ml. It is highly durable and will last fro a very long period. You will face minimal problems with this lunch box. Stay healthy and eat nutritious food that is kept warm and fresh just for you. Also, do not forget to use the above mentioned coupon code to get the added discount from the original price. A portable electric lunch box is impossible to find in the market at this given price. So, why wait. Grab this offer today!


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Lunch Box
Rs 799
Rs 599