Google Nexus 7C – 1B013A 2012 Tablet | Cheapest at Flipkart – Rs 19999


Nexus tablets bring together cutting edge hardware and the latest version of Android to put the best of Google at your fingertips. Plus, both come with all your favourite Google products like Gmail and Google Chrome, and give you access to over 975,000 apps on Google Play. Google Nexus 7C – 1B013A 2012 tablet that originally cost Rs.21999 now can be bought for the lowest price of the market of Rs.19999 from A tablet that is quick, powerful and impactful.

How to buy Google Nexus 7C – 1B013A 2012 tablet:-

  • Get the cheapest price of the Google Nexus 7C – 1B013A 2012 tabletat flipkart.
  • Click on BUY NOW.
  • Proceed to make safe and secure payment.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.

Every tablet has some specific feature. But google has clubbed all those features and even added new features of advanced technology making it an high end tech savy tablet. Let me tell you the price you are paying for this is very low in accordance to the features its providing you with. There can be nothing better than the Google Nexus 7C – 1B013A 2012 tablet. This tablet has even 3G connectivity. Thus giving you a quick connection to whatever you need no matter wherever you go. It has a 32Gb storage space. Thus not limiting or putting restrictions to any of your downloads, transfers and providing you with a mass storage space.


Featuring the world’s sharpest screen of 7 inches is the Google Nexus 7 that puts in your hands over a 2.3 millions of pixels. There is 323 pixels in every inch of the screen thus giving a much sharper view of any thing that displays on the screen. Easy to carry as they are pocket size thus can easily slip into your pockets when on move. The quad core processor is so quick that it can run several applications within no time at one go. The Google nexus 7C – 1B013A 2012 tablet Nexus 7C is sure to give you a mind blowing experience while you run and skim through multiple apps at the same time.

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Key Features :

  1. It operates android 4.2- jelly bean operating software.
  2. 4325 mAh battery.
  3. 1 GB RAM.
  4. 3 cord core processor.
  5. 3G support.
  6. 1.2 megapixel camera.

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Rs 21999
Rs 19999