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Deepika Dewan

Mystery? Romance? Fiction? Non-fiction? What’s in a book when there are so many ways to keep oneself entertained? Ask any book lover and they will tell you of the moments they steal from the day reading their favorite authors. takes you to the world of imported edition classic and adventure books at discounted prices.

Books from famous authors such as Stephen King, Sanjay Subrahmanyam, Matthew Quick, Richard Grimmett, Carol Inskipp, Tim Inskipp and Nate Silver that will take you to their independent plots of courtliness in early modern Eurasia, to a care-taker at an old hotel, to a book whose movie has been nominated for 8 Academy Awards at the Oscars to an exclusive guide on the birds of Indian continent to a gripping novel based on cold-blooded contract killers. Reading won’t just be a pleasure it will be a double pleasure looking at the prices they come in.

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Bring a cup of coffee and get ready to go on a literary journey with some of the best foreign and Indian authors who shall stun you with their plots, characters and storyline at Flat 40% Off. Happy reading!

The Shining – Rs. 309.

The Shining - Rs. 309.

The story of a recently employed caretaker in a hotel and how it turns sinister for him soon enough.

Killer Elite – Rs. 309.

Killer Elite - Rs. 309.

A story inspired by events in real-life, it’s about a private team of British vigilantes who decide to eliminate a gang of cold-blooded contract killers.

The Silver Linings Playbook [Movie Tie-In Edition] – Rs. 580.

The Silver Linings Playbook [Movie Tie-In Edition] - Rs. 580.

This novel is based on character Pat who goes on a mission to become fit, emotionally literate and loved till God intervenes to ensure him a happy ending.

Courtly Encounters – Rs. 1,160.

Courtly Encounters - Rs. 1,160.

This richly illustrated hardcover from Harvard University Press explores the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries where the court was the crucial site in Eurasian states.

Birds of India – Rs. 1,529.

Birds of India - Rs. 1,529.

Comprehensive guide for anyone who has the love of birds, this book taps the 1,375 bird species beautifully illustrated.

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