Gravolite Premium Yoga Mat from Flipkart | Flat 50% Off – Rs 712


Gravolite Premium Yoga Mat is now available at at just Rs 712 – a whopping 50% Off from the MRP for all your Yoga needs.

How to get Gravolite Premium Yoga Mat at Best Price :

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Key Features

  • Non-slip Surface
  • Water Resistant
  • Superior Shock Absorption
  • Odor and Smell Free
  • Easy to Clean and Carry

For all yoga practitioners, Gravolite has designed this Premium Yoga Mat using superior quality materials to offer you exceptional comfort during your exercise or relaxation sessions. The thickness of this mat is only 6 mm, preferably used for yoga and other light exercises that do not exert too much pressure on it. In addition, this thin mat is designed for light weight people, especially women.

Non-slip Surface

Performing those tough yoga asanas will get easier as this non-slippery mat will improve your balance, posture and prevent any risk of accidents.


You do not have to worry about the mat getting dirty as it is water-resistant and can be cleaned easily.

Superior Shock Absorption

Shock absorption plays a vital role when you have to deliver the right postures and this mat offers you the perfect stability and a soft surface to protect your body.

Odour and Smell Free

Relax and meditate without any discomfort on this flawless mat that is completely odour and smell free.

Easy to Clean and Carry

After your exercise regime, you can easily clean the mat with a damp cloth or by spraying water as it is water-resistant. Roll the mat up and conveniently carry it while traveling so that you do not lose out on your yoga sessions.

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Rs 1425
Rs 712