Gritstones Summer Cotton Dress for Rs 399 – 67% OFF at Tradus

Sonali Singh

Summers!A season that dries everyone form skin to bone.In such a season, covering our bodies with fashionable but uncomfortable clothes makes it an unpleasant experience. As it is rightly said that fashion looks cool when the comfort zone is kept intact, else it is not. So to keep you all cool yet trendy even in scorching hot summers,tradus bring to you a summer-friendly-cool Gritstones Summer Cotton Dress .A dress that is all voguish and comfortable.It comes to you at a price of Rs 399/- only, a discount of 67%.

How to get Summer cotton dress at Rs 399/-?

  1. Shop for summer cotton dress on
  2. Click on BUY NOW!.
  3. Delivery in 2-3 days.
  4. 7 days return policy to serve customers better.
  5. Pay through secured payment gateway.

Girls, a creature that has always been clubbed a never-curbed appetite for shopping.And they always feel they are left with nothing appealing to wear.Let the occasion be any.Well the summer cotton dress that is brought to you, to decorate you in a very la mode way.The contemporary thigh-length dress which comes to you in black color is very royal in itself.Belted in color red along the radius of the stomach and on shoulders adds a yet appealingly sexy style to the dress.Marking your silhouettes clearly, the Gritstones Summer Cotton Dress keeps your womanhood intact.Also styled with two pockets in the front, the Summer Cotton Dress looks extremely gentle and smart.

Styling was never so easy, especially with this elegant summer cotton dress from the house of Gritstones. Indulge yourself in vibrancy and glamour and make your demeanor glisten with sophisticated magnificence of this dress.
Spring-summer heralds the arrival of short and stylish sleeveless dresses in cotton fabric. Get them right in all these counts with these cool dresses. Featuring a super feminine style, these numbers will go from day to evening seamlessly in summer streets.

Product Details:

  • Brand :Gritstones.
  • ┬áType: Dresses.
  • Material :100% Cotton.
  • Gender :Women.
  • Color :Black-Red.
  • Product :Weight (g) 250.

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