Guinness World Records 2014 Latest Edition at Rs 767 from Amazon

Sonali Singh

Now look out for the most thrilling and different stories. Stories that would make the adrenaline rush through your bodies. Watch out for the most awe-inspiring people that have made histories and records. Brought to you by, the Guinness World Records 2014 latest edition. This comes to you at Rs 767/- only. Enjoy learning the most inspiring and motivation stories. Check out for the details and get the book now.

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Guinness World Records 2014 latest edition

The Guinness World Book puts together the most enthralling stories. Records that are gathered from all the parts of the world. It names and recognizes people who have put their energies to set records. The book is best recommended for kids and children who are in the tender age of learning. Telling about the very courageous ones and the bold ones from the planet. Talking about the new record holders, like the skate-boarding goat, 15 m long robot dragon and a lot more. Be it the world’s furriest cat or a giant drumkit. Furnished with the best and latest information, it comes with a lot more vibrant images.

Images that are original and exclusive. Social networking, new heroes, venom, and also chapters on circus and dynamic earth. This has been the most explosive and brilliant edition till date. Known to be the best book to keep your naughty ones engaged. And why kids, it is as interesting as anything for the adults too. As it is loaded with strange, real, thrilling, spine chilling records. Leaving you jaw-dropped, with its mix of colors and razzmatazz. Fun to read, exciting to learn and a wide pool of knowledge to gather the facts from. Check out the details and now get the Guinness World Records 2014 latest edition.

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Rs 767