Flat Hose Water Gun Spray For Car Wash at Rs 94 Only

Meghana Pawar

The flat hose (pipe) which you were always looking for is right here. Get the Multi use Flat Hose Water Gun Spray at just Rs. 94. Get flat 72% OFF on this handy Flat Hose. It is a great value for money. It can be used for cleaning your car, washing pets and also watering plants and much more. Buy this amazing multi use Flat hose at just Rs. 94 from eBay.

How to buy Flat Hose Water Gun Spray for Car Wash -Garden -Pet?

  1. Go to Gun Spray Page.
  2. Click on Add to Cart.
  3. Or combine with other purchases Or Click on proceed to check out.
  4. Shipping cost: Rs. 50 only.

Flat Hose Water Gun Spray is very user friendly. It is easily portable. It can be stored comfortably as it is a flat hose. The flat hose can be folded well as compared to normal pvc water pipes that remain round all the time and very hard to store after use. It is a multi use product. You can use this Gun Spray for car wash, watering plants, washing pets and so on. It can be also secretly used for a mini rain dance for kids.

The Gun Spray for car wash is great for car lovers. It helps you clean your car easily. During rainy season the mud gets struck in the tire and areas around it. The flat hose can clean dirt and mud easily with its adjustable mode.  The Gun spray for car wash, pet wash, gardening and other uses is a need of every home.

Watering plats became an easy task, thanks to Flat Hose Water Gun Spray. It can be used for other household activities too. Now you can have this product home at just Rs. 284 only. eBay.com is offering flat 72% off. So it makes your pockets happy too. Bring this amazing product home at an unbeatable price. Avail the benefits of this offer. Hurry!

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  1. Ahjaja Kothari

    Engine speed is 3600 RPM, can i clean with the speed?


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