Handloomwala Mattress Protector Cover Set Of 2 at Rs 149 Only


You only have a good sleep when you have a good quality mattress. And to protect your mattress from all the dirt and dust, its always advisable to have a mattress protector cover on it. Shopclues offers you a set of 2 mattress protectors at just Rs. 149/-.

How to Get the Set of Mattress Protector Cover?

1. Click to Get the Set of Mattress Protector Cover.

2. Use Coupon Code SC2MC34 to get this product for Rs 149/-.

3. Offer valid till 25th August.

4. Shipping Rs.34/-.

This Mattress Protector Cover is a breathable and would protect your mattress from ketchup stains, dirt, dust and also those bed bugs that enter your mattress without any invitation. Sometimes it is very difficult to remove stains from the mattress, since the mattress cannot be washed. But this Mattress Protector Cover can be washed separately. This Mattress Protector Cover has a zipper which prevents those bed bugs from coming out.

This Mattress Protector Cover is a protector that would keep all the germs and bacteria away from your skin. It extends the life your mattress even more. It adds up to 10 years of life your mattress by keeping it safe. The fabric of this Mattress Protector Cover is also very breathable and is also waterproof. This Protector would avoid the bed-sheet from getting crumpled. The standard size of this Mattress Protector Cover is 36 x 72 x 5 inches.

Get this now for the betterment of your mattress from Shopclues at just Rs. 149/-.

 Mattress protector features

  • Suitable for single/double beds.
  • Set of 2 covers for single mattress.
  • No stains / spills directly on mattress.
  • Has a zipper , ensures full enclosure.
  • Avoids bedsheet from getting crumpled.
  • Avoids perspiration / contamination of mattress.
  • Cuts down allergies and bacterial infections.
  • Room looks presentable even without a bed-sheet.
  • Increases life and look of mattress by 10 times.
  • Standard Size 36 x 72 x 5 inches.

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