Hella Electric Compact Horn Set for Cars and Bikes – Flat Rs 795


Buy Hella Electric Compact Horn Set at flat rate of Rs. 795. This horn set can be fitted on your bikes as well as your cars. It is compact with  a diameter of just 77mm. But that does not stop it from producing a blaring sound of 111dB(A). It is extremely suitable for drives on Highways as the sound produces is far reached and focused. It comes with a locking nut that firmly secures the bracket to the main body and ensures that the optimal factory sound setting is not easily tampered with. The vents on this horn set are tubular which prevent it against water sprays. The set can be bought from Tradus.com.


How to buy Hella Electric Compact Horn Set:

  1. Click on the link here.
  2. Click on buy now.
  3. Proceed to payment.

Hella Electric Compact Horn Set


Key Specifications:

  • Power consumption 2 x 48W.
  • Frequency 420Hz (high tone), 350Hz (low tone).
  • Acoustic pressure level at 2m (dual tone) 111dB(A).
  • Nominal voltage 12V.
  • Certification ECE (1).
  • Part number 3AM 011 225 -801

The Hella Electric Compact Horn Set will be a durable and reliable horn set.

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Hella Electric Compact Horn Set
Rs 1000
Rs 795