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Deepika Dewan

If you are a music fan, then go ahead and put Hi Quality Headphones at Cheap Price to your ears. offers an awesome balance of bass, treble and clarity. Hd-280 Pro Studio Monitor Folding Hi Quality Headphones at Cheap Price is worth a buy. Whether it is for rehearsal, practice, recording or just listening to yourself.   


How to buy Hi Quality Headphones at Cheap Price online?


A clear sound is what we need when we want to hear our favorite tracks. For those looking for a rich base, Hi Quality Headphones at Cheap Prices by Sennheiser from are a perfect melody. The Hd-280 Headphone is Sennheiser’s most talked about headphone. Design, construction, features of Hi Quality Headphones at Cheap Price are a melody in itself. Unique collapsible design and swivelling ear cups give maximum flexibility. Sennheiser has stood for top-quality products, true sound and tailor-made solutions for more than 65 years. Be it in recording, transmission or reproduction of sound. German engineering and science makes Sennheiser true to the sound. Helping it set new standards for headphones, headsets etc. Time to put your ears to Hi Quality Headphones at Cheap Prices.This all is brought you by Dealstan which works 24*7 for its customers to fetch them the best deals.

Product Features:

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Dynamic closed-ear headphones.
  • Up to 32 db attenuation of outside sound.
  • Cord length: 3.3 – 9.8 feet coiled.
  • Extended frequency response.
  • Warm natural sound reproduction.
  • Around-the-ear design with Padded Earcups.
  • Linear sound reproduction.
  • 2 Yrs Manufacturer’s Warranty., Inc. is a leading global Internet company that directly sells or acts as a platform for the sale of a broad range of products. These include books, music, videos, consumer electronics, clothing and household products.

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