Houseful Storage Cube at Rs 1170 – 63% + 10% OFF

Sowmya Nair
Buy Houseful Storage Cube at Rs. 1170 from Snapdeal. Mess has never looked so organised. Store books, papers, all kinds of stuff. No more messy house!

How to buy Houseful Storage Cube at Rs. 1170 from Snapdeal:


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Tired of a messy house? Do you find stuff papers, books and other stuff lying around everywhere? Do you have to spend 10 minutes everyday clearing out your mattress before going to bed? Well, you seem to be irritated. And we understand. How about buying a Houseful Storage Cube a sorting out mess in a pretty way?

This houseful storage cube has two shelves that can be used to store anything. How about you stack up books in both the shelves and place magazine, papers, etc on top? This way you get to show off your book collection and keep it organised. You could also use this stand to place other useful stuff. Keep it in your kitchen and you could keep all your daily use cookware on this. Life becomes a lot easier when you are organized and are able to easy find your things. The top of this shelf can also be the place for all your keys and tv remote!

Plus, this houseful storage cube looks great. It will fit perfectly well in your modern living room or bedroom. Keep it near your mirror and you can use it to store all beauty/cosmetic related things. No more running around in the morning looking for your comb or kajal!

Product Description:

  • Assembly Manual: Provided
  • Assembly: Carpenter Assistance Required
  • Dimensions in inches: 16x16x11.6 (HxWxDiameter)
  • Colour: Orange
  • Brand: Houseful
  • Has two shelves for storage
  • Can easily be stacked to customise your own storage system
  • Light in weight
  • Material: Compressed wood


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