How to File Consumer Complaints Online in India for Free?

Deepika Dewan

There is a great old saying said by David Ogilvy, an advertising legend of the yesteryears,

The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife.

In today’s world and the changing times, how many of us respect this noble thought? How many of us understand that it is all about building an understanding in consumers as to why they need you and why you’re worth their money.

The rule of the law says that if you want to make money with marketing then you must treat the audience with a strong sense of respect.

Respect is an often abused word these days. Whether it is getting monetary worth for the product you are buying or the surety of quality, our heart bleeds to see the total disregard of honesty in a brand when the product turns out be defective against the claims made. Whether it is a manufacturing or performance oriented defect, all niceties and claims we hear of a famous brand go out of the window when we experience one.

Consumer Complaints

Yes, we can go and complain but the complaint system today is such a hog wash that it defeats its very existence in letter and spirit.

As a knowledgeable consumer, are we going to sit and watch silently when our product/brand complaints go unheard of and get suppressed under the weight of files and court cases?

The moment of awakening and absolute justice for the ‘brand conscious’ buyer has come. Welcome to a consumer movement called Akosha that is playing a Herculean role in getting the consumer complaints resolved quickly and judiciously. Functioning as a consumer complaints forum / consumer complaint board (alternative to consumer court), you can resolve your disputes by registering / filing your complaint online on Akosha website. A true watchdog for 350 brands, the success ratio of Akosha speaks volumes about this new consumer-oriented venture.akosha

In the last 24 hours, at Akosha:

  • Complaints Filed: 1,096.
  • Money Saved for Consumer: Rs 36,141,336.
  • Updates By Akosha: 3,500.

How to File Consumer Complaints Online in India with Akosha:

As a sensible consumer, all you need to do is the following:

  1. Log on to Akosha website  by clicking here. Fill the Akosha Online Consumer Complaint form by entering your details such as Name, E-mail id, Mobile number, Company name (for whom you wish to register complaint against) and Disputed Amount. You can also describe your complaint in the section mentioned which would help in serving you better.
  2. Akosha then takes your complaint directly to the concerned team of the company who has the authority to resolve your grievance. The matter is then followed up with them and you are constantly posted about the proceedings and the developments through Phone, SMS and E-mail.
  3. In the event that you go for paid subscription, the Akosha Team sends you a well drafted letter which explains the details of the complaint.
  4. In case, the concerned company is not able to resolve your query, Akosha helps you in drafting the consumer complaint along with an affidavit as per the prescribed format. All you have do in which case is sign the prescribed documents and submit them to the consumer court which takes 2-3 hours.
  5. You can even file complaint on phone Toll-free by calling 1800-3000-0144.

How Akosha is working with Consumer Complaints in India:

Morale of the story – in being a 21st century consumer, you need to be as smart and clever as the companies themselves.

Why you should File Consumer Complaints Online with Akosha – A Testimonial:

4 Responses to “How to File Consumer Complaints Online in India for Free?”

  1. Rajeev Kumar

    File an online complaint is an easy way as compare to offline complaint. It saves consumer’s time and money and also provides immediate respond against fraud. Today every consumer should require filing their complaint online because it is not only solves your problem but also keep your friends alert and safe.

    • Raju Pradhan

      You are absolutely right Rajeev.

      So, would you like to feature this blog post on your forum to spread the word?


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