HP 1000-1b02AU Laptop price at Rs 20840 Only

Shweta Anand

Offer valid only for today! Get the HP 1000-1b02AU Laptop from shopping.indiatimes.com for just Rs. 20,840!  This is a limited period offer where a laptop priced at Rs. 21,485 is brought to you for just Rs. 20,840 only! Limited period offers are there for only one reason… to help you decide and purchase the laptop right away at never before prices!

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Laptops have become more than essential today and people from every walk of life need a convenient system, not just in specifications but also by price. So when indiatimes.com brings you a sleek shiny and stylish laptop with AMD E1-1200 Dual Core Processor with a 2 GB DDR3 RAM,a 320GB Hard Disk and a Free DOS Operating System at a price that is effectively affordable, you know you have landed on the right page. The prices on online shopping are already cut short from the marketing prices and sites like indiatimes gives you addiional discounts too! Get the HP 1000-1b02AU Laptop from shopping.indiatimes.com for just Rs. 20,840! Buy it now!

Display and Multimedia
This HP laptop is an entry level laptop best suited for very basic computing needs. This laptop comes with an LED backlit, 14 inch, HD screen which is capable of displaying a maximum resolution of 1366 x768 pixels. This display is run by the on-board AMD Radeon HD 7310 Discrete-Class graphics chip. Users can make and receive video calls from this laptop using the built-in web camera and microphone. This laptop comes with a standard track pad and a notebook keyboard with home row keys.

Performance and Storage
The HP 1000-1b02AU laptop is powered by an AMD E1-1200 dual core processor which is clocked at a speed of 1.4 GHz along with 2GB of DDR3 type RAM. A free copy of the Disk Operating System comes pre-installed on this laptop. Users can read and write CDs and DVDs on this laptop using the SuperMulti DVD writer. For storage of their data, this laptop comes with a 5400 rpm, 320GB SATA hard disk drive. This laptop also comes with stereo speakers.

Connectivity and Battery
Users can connect a number of added peripherals using the three High Speed USB 2.0 ports. Besides being Wi-Fi enabled, this laptop can connect to wired networks as well using the RJ45 LAN port. Mobile phones and other compatible devices can be connected to this laptop using the Bluetooth v4.0 module. This laptop is powered by a rechargeable, 4 cell lithium ion battery when it is not connected to a power source.

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