HP 2000-2202TU 15″ Notebook at Best Price Online For Rs 25,199 |ebay


Give away the large sized desktops or laptops. Now make use of the optimum size of notebooks. Note books with that of the similar features of a laptop. The only difference is that the laptops have floppy drive disk and net books do not have. But rather now days the system of using floppy drives or cds has been replaced with the use of pen drives. The mass storage availability of pen drives have taken over. Thus the net books give you communications port where external drive can be connected to it. Be the user of the latest note books from Hp selling at a huge offer price at Ebay.in.

How to buy HP 2000-2202TU 15″ Notebook:-

Make your computing life easier with the HP 2000-2202TU 15″ inch notebook. This black beauty boasts an Intel Core i3-2328M 2.2 GHz processor that offers efficient functioning. This HP laptop features Windows 8 64 bit OS for better performance.¬†Multitasking is easier than ever before with its 2 GB DDR3 RAM. This HP 2000-2202TU 15″ Notebook¬†has an integrated graphics processor that makes your movies, images and photographs extremely vibrant. It is also a thin notebook that can easily fit into your hand bag. Now need to caryry a seperate laptop bag for it. Simply push it into your hand bag or back pack and make it a companion o your travel. With a built-in DVD RW, this HP laptop lets you burn DVDs to compile a collection of your favorite classics. The black color of this HP notebook lends it an undeniable elegance. Bring home this HP 2000-2202TU 15″ notebook with a bountiful of features that make it a worthy choice.

Product Details:-

  1. Intel Core i3-2328M, 2.2 Ghz Processor.
  2. 2 GB DDR3 RAM.
  3. 500 GB Hard Disk.
  4. Windows 8 64 bit OS.

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