HP v250w USB 8GB Pen Drive at Rs 599 Only -25% OFF


Gone are the days of those big bulky storages that, ironically, offered very little memory space and took a lot of physical to be put anywhere. Today, it’s the time of the pen drives as far as portable storage is concerned! Many a man have fallen prey to big bulky hard drives or pend rives that don’t offer much space but not this time! This time we bring to you the HP v250w USB 8GB Pen Drive at ONLY Rs. 599! You get a whole 25% Off on it! And the best part? It comes with a hook! Yes, it’s the Captain Hook of the Pen Drives! ‘Aaarghh, Sailor’!

HP v250w USB 8GB Pen Drive

How to get the HP v250w USB 8GB Pen Drive at Rs. 599 –

1. Get the HP v250w USB 8GB Pen Drive from here at a discount of 25%
2. Click on ‘BUY NOW‘.

USB is most commonly known in the form of the ‘Pen Drive’ only. These little memory sticks that you use to transfer all your movies and games and other stuff from one location to other (or one computer to another) are so convenient that you can carry one in your purse or wallet and carry your world with you in it too! This one comes with 8 Gigs of space and has a hook over it so you can make it a keychain to your car or bike keys or can holster it your belt loop.

I know holstering it to the belt loop seems like an American West gangster but hey, isn’t information (stored on your HP v250w USB 8GB Pen Drive) your real weapon in today’s world? *insert a little winky face, here*. In the era of Facebook and Instagram where uploading your pictures every few hours has become a prestigious thing, storing these pictures safely to upload is an important matter. Here is when the HP v250w USB 8GB Pen Drive comes to your rescue. You can buy it and can store your beautiful and cherished memories in it forever and ever!

Key Features:
Transfer Rate : Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Slim and Unique Design with Clip is always accommodative and fashionable
Transfer Speed – Read : 15MByte/s, Write: 4MByte/s
Data Retention : Up to 10 years
Function : Plug it into any USB port, it looks and function just like another hard drive
Power consumption : DC 4.5V – 5.5V
Warranty: 2 Years Manufacturer.

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  1. Hastin Banik

    i have a pen drive but it’s not activated on my pc? How do i do that?


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