HRX Men Grey Sports Shoes Best Running Shoes at Rs 1199


Training or running in old and worn out shoes can create foot mild and severe foot problems. A study has revealed this. But not many of us take this factor into consideration while choosing to buy the right shoes for running. It is either too late that we realize when we have hampered our feet or just completely ignore it. Old or worn down shoes are also one of the most common causes of running injuries. But now it is the time to wake up and buy the best priced HRX men grey sports shoes best running shoes from

How to buy the HRX men grey sports shoes best running shoes and get another one for free:-

  • Click here HRX men grey sports shoes best running shoes.
  • Choose your size and click on buy now.
  • Add two shoes to cart and pay only for one.
  • Proceed to safe and secured payment.


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A flat 50% discount on two HRX men grey sports shoes best running shoes that provides you the grip while you running and the comfort cushioning for your feet while you on the go. The black and grey combination of the HRX shoes gives you the masculine look with the perfect fit to your feet. The shoe has been designed such that it can take the impact of your body on its feet when you on the run. Talk about being an all-rounder, and HRX’s range of sports shoes exemplifies the point.

Whether you’re running for fun or competitively, having the right kit is a must. Not only will it greatly reduce your risk of injuries, but it will help you to really look the part. HRX is one the most famous brands to manufacture shoes that give you that extra comfort for your feet. It is committed to working in ways that contribute to the world by supporting creativity, sustainability and peace. Add this to your shoe rack and it is sure to become your top to all other pairs of shoes.

Product features:-

  1. Round toed shoe.
  2. Mesh upper with overlay and stitched detailing.
  3. Tough and textured outsole with patterned nubs and grooves.
  4. 3 months manufacturing warranty.

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  1. Amal Sama

    I am in need of a few outfits to wear at night to pubs/clubs, I used to love going out and spending time creating a wardrobe, Myntra seem to have good collection. Although i prefer to shop at high places. HRX shoes come great comfort and flexible to wear.


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Rs 1999
Rs 1199