Buy Skullcandy earphones Online With Mic at Rs 1159 – 20% OFF



Earphones are speakers that are located close to a users ear. Earphones could be either with wire or wireless. Skullcandy ear phones have the best comfortable ear fittings earphones. They are the most comfortable and do not need to be again and again fixed so that it can fit into the ear properly. Earphones also known as headphones are the most required thing now days. It is very useful accessory as while speaking you can complete your other work simultaneously. At work you may need to access the computer from one hand while speaking to the client over the phone. Now just attach your earphones to your mobile handset and enjoy hands free speaking. Buy Skullcandy earphones online that originally cost Rs.1449 but now after a 20% discount you can buy it for Rs.1159.

How to buy Skullcandy earphones online:-

Earphones from Skullcandy are a purple and black in color earphone with attached mike. Their ear buds are soft and comfortable. The sound quality is simply amazing. While listening to music you will simply move a leg or two irrespective of the place you are at. It is that effecting. The Skullcandy INKD S2IKDY-010 Black/Red w/Mic headphone promises rich, powerful and crystal clear sound. This pair of stylish headphone with in-the-ear design filters the sound that reaches your ear drums and effectively isolates external noise. This ergonomically designed headphone also features a sleek and simplified design and a flattened cable for style and durability. The Supreme Sound design of this headphone delivers attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs. The Skullcandy headphones give you the luxury to enjoy punchy and powerful bass that you will feel is engineered just for your collection of music.

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