8GB Toshiba Hayabusa Pendrive White at Rs 290 Only- 67% Off


Grab the 8GB Toshiba  Hayabusa Pendrive White today. This gorgeous red colored metallic USB flash drive will blow your mind away with its enchanting looks. A perfect gift for your girlfriend with a list of those romantic songs and movies. Grab it before its too late. But don’t just go on its look it performs well too. Toshiba a name trusted in storage. It makes carrying data a stylish statement.

Original price: Rs. 890 Offered price: Rs. 290 Discount: Rs. 600(67%) :

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Super easy to use with the slide mechanism for opening simply, this cool looking pendrive is here to solve your data storage problems instantly. Loaded with the USB 2.0 interface, the 8GB Suruga Toshiba Pendrive offers a read transfer rate of  17 Mb/s and a write transfer rate of 7 MB/s. Want to carry those excel spreadsheets to a meeting, wanna tranfer movies you suddenly spotted on a friends laptop, take this slick pendrive around and you can forget your data carriage issues forever. It supports all OS windows 2000 above and  Mac OS 10.0.2 above. This cool looking toshiba pendrive is available in various colors and you can choose your pick and be ready to go in an instant. From classroom presentations to boardroom meetings, from canteen chatter to mother’s song requests, the toshiba 8 GB Suruga pendrive is your one stop storage device.

Technical Specifications of Toshiba 8GB Hayabusa Pendrive (White)


Brand: Toshiba
Features: Slide Mechanism for Simple Opening, Stylish Case
Form Factor: USB Flash Drive
Interface: USB 2.0
Model: Suruga Flash Drive
OS Supported: Windows 2000 and Above, Mac OS 10.0.2 and Above
Transfer Speed: Read 17 MB/s, Write 7 MB/s
Type: Utility Pendrive

2 Responses to “8GB Toshiba Hayabusa Pendrive White at Rs 290 Only- 67% Off”

  1. Bhalendra

    I wish there will be someone to invent if such pendrive doesn’t exist yet as i wish to buy those gadget. In addition, it will be much more better if the pendrive has built in bluetooth. Let it be 3 in 1 pendrive (multipurpose pendrive)

  2. Bakul

    I have downloaded ubuntu iso , i booted it from my pendrive live its good , but the problem is that i want to add some softwares and plugin to this ,like we can add softwares in bart pe. I want to do this in my iso .


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