Get Levis Mens Denim Straight Fit For Rs 2719 Only


When comes to style, brands always rules the market. And what could be better than Levis. This summer Levis brings the most smartest  and coolest apparels online at a price lower than the eventual market price. Get Levis Mens Denim Straight Fit For Rs 2719 only/-  instead of Rs 3200. Hurry Up! Offer limited!!

How to Get Levis Mens Denim Straight Fit For Rs 2719 Only:

  1. Get Levis Mens Denim Straight Fit For Rs 2719 Only.
  2. Click BUY NOW.
  3. Login or Register to
  4. Make the Payment.

Anything you wear should be stylish and must follow the trend. And what could be better to explicate it other than your apparels.

About the Product:

  • Type: Denims
  • Washcare: Machine wash cold Line dry
  • Brand: Levis
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Stretch Denim
  • Gender: Men
  • Product Weight (g): 250


4 Responses to “Get Levis Mens Denim Straight Fit For Rs 2719 Only”

  1. Aadinath

    I saw a picture of a girl wearing this really nice denim jacket, and all i could spot was a little red tag on the breast pocket. Anyone know which brand it is?

  2. I dont wish To were jeans! Denim on Denim is ugly! Help! I got this truly cute Denim Jacket with Jack Skelington on it for my Birthday. The issue is I dont recognize what trousers to were with it.

  3. After ordering many pairs of Levis 512’s I began to see tiny holes inside the front of all my shirts. I began wearing my brand-new shirts just with different Jeans plus didn’t receive the holes. Wondering when anybody else has experienced this. I wear size 7-8.

  4. Vajramani

    they don’t fit my brief legs. So I have had the toughest time struggling to receive a good pair of jeans at an affordable cost. Finally I found these Levi’s plus they are like an inch to big. If I go to a small size then they are too tight about the waist. How may I shrink them?
    what i meant is the fact that this pair is fine inside the length…they are too big inside the waist.


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Rs 3200
Rs 2719