21.1 Mbps Huawei E182E USB Modem for Rs 1,399 – 48% Off

Sowmya Nair
Buy 21.1 Mbps Huawei E182E USB Modem from Shopclues. Save Rs. 1,300. Staying connected has never been this easy. Internet is all yours, whenever you want!

How to buy 21.1 Mbps Huawei E182E USB Modem:

Huawei E182E USB Modem

  1. Buy 21.1 Mbps Huawei E182E USB Modem from ShopClues
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. Apply ShopClues coupon codes SCDD200 / SCPAY200F / SCICICI25 / SCHDFC20 / SCOMG200 to get this for Rs. 1,399

Is your wired internet or wi-fi restricting you from moving around? Worry not! Be on the move and yet stay connected. This 21.1 Mbps Huawei E182E USB Modem enables you to be connected to the e-world wherever you are. On the way to work in a cab? Vacation? Carry this  wonder device wherever you go!

Check mails, be on Facebook, Tweet away to glory and work a little bit 😉 All with this mobile USB modem. How about working from a cafe? It could get really boring to work from the same workplace everyday. Carry this modem and go work from wherever you feel like. Taking a vacation does not have to mean complete estrangement from the world wide web. Internet is something that has touched all our lives in many ways. Staying connected has never been easy. The pleasure of finding your best friend from kindergarten on Facebook is inexplicable. Video chats have completely made the world a smaller place. Be in India or US or Uganda and you can still see the people you love. A modem is all you need!

Think no more. This Huawei modem comes to you at an amazing price. Just plug and play!

Product Description:

3G Modem Huawei
21 Mbps HSDPA Modem
Micro SD Card Slot
Support data statistics
Support SMS services
Plug & Play
Support Windows2000/ XP/Vista,Win7 ,Mac

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