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Shweta Anand

There’s a baby on board and it’s a happy baby because of Huggies Dry Baby Diapers. Get yourself some happy bouncy baby moods only on Buy the Huggies Dry Baby Diapers 44 M Size at Half Price for Rs. 250 only! This is definitely an offer you don’t want to miss. The diaper prices these days are sky high. And every parent is on the lookout for great offers on these oh-so-necessary product. Diapers mean sleeping for a solid 8 hours in the night mummies! And when that precious sleep comes at half price, you wanna grab it in moments. Limited period offer, so hurry!

How to buy the Huggies Dry Baby Diapers 44 M Size at Half Price @ Rs. 250 Only?

  1. Click to view the Huggies Dry Baby Diapers 44 M Size.
  2. Enter quantity and click on BUY NOW.
  3. Login with email id and enter shipping details.
  4. At the checkout page, Apply discount Coupon Code: FCGNHUGGIES to get 50% off.
  5. Also check out the guaranteed savings offer for 20 & 25% discount on bulk orders.
  6. Earn Loyalty cash with each purchase.

All mothers and fathers wish for a happy and good morning for their babies. A good diaper keeps the baby dry and comfortable all night and happy and joyful all day. The Huggies pant style diapers ensure easy wear and easy removal for active toddlers around the house. crawling toddlers need complete leak protection which is again promised by Huggies. Check out the product details as follows and buy yourself some peace of mind now!

Product Description:

  1. The Quick-Dry Layer quickly pulls fluid away from baby skin.
  2. The Leak-Lock System locks fluid into the absorbent core to prevent leakage.
  3. The Double Leak Guards provide extra protection against leaks at the legs.
  4. All-around protection, helps stop leaks.
  5. Tear-away side seams for easy removal of soiled pants.
  6. Fast and easy to wear like pants (underwear) on active baby.
  7. Soft-stretch sides provide comfort and prevent red marks even when baby is on the move.
  8. Wear it any-side snug-fit, no need to check which is front or back yet provides baby with comfortable snug fit.

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