Huggies Medium Diaper Total Protection 58 pieces Rs 666

Sowmya Nair

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As a parent all you need is for your baby to be safe. That little boy, those tiny hands, beautiful feet – you really can’t bear it if something causes inconvenience to your little piece of sunshine. Diaper rashes could easily be on of the most annoying inconvenience for him or her. Huggies medium diaper offers protection against rashes and keep your sunshine glowing bright day and night 🙂

Diapers are never enough. The more you get, the more happy you are. And so is your little baby. Protect him/her with the best in the market – Huggies Diaper!

Long nights of a cranky irritated baby can result in a very cranky mother. Let your baby sleep in peace so that you may sleep like a child. When you hear the word Diaper you instantly think of Huggies! A brand can become such a household name only if its really that good. Don’t you agree? A happy child simply means a very happy parent. Get a whole big pack of these miracle diapers at a great price!

Product Description:

Number of Contents in Sales Package 58


Type Disposable Diaper
Ideal For Boys, Girls
Size Medium
Compatible Baby Weight 5 – 11 kg
Closure Type Refastenable Tapes
Convenience and Safety Clinically Proven, Prevents Diaper Rash, Prevents Red Marks
Effective Duration Upto 10 Hours
Guards against Redness, Roughness, Rashes, Sensitivity and Itchiness, Formulation of Dryness and Breathability, Quick Dry Layer, Super Absorbent Gel, Breathable Outer Cover, Soft and Snug Waistband, Allows Air to Escape upto 10x Faster through Outer Cover, Spreads Fluid throughout the Pad

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  1. Habib

    I lately purchased a hors plus he has diaper rash on 1 of is hind legs…. he has had it for like 10 years… how must i treat it?


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