Huggies Total Protection Medium Size Diapers at Rs 228 – Save 28%


Giving your baby the right choice of diaper is as important as nurturing your baby. Choosing the Huggies total protection medium size diapers you can protect the soft and smooth skin of your little one from any kind of rashes, infection etc. We Huggies manufacture only those kind of diapers that will stay safe on your baby even when worn for longer period. Diapers are one of the essential products of active babies. Not priced too high but yet you can avail for the discount on the Huggies pack when purchased from Avail for a discount of 28% on the original price of Rs. 275 and purchase it for only Rs. 228. Thus a grand saving of Rs.76.

How to buy the Huggies total protection medium size diapers:

  1. Click here and save 28% on your huggies total protection medium size diapers.
  2. Choose size and proceed to billing gateway.
  3. Make safe and secure payment.


In my opinion baby diapers are one product that you should not choose to buy depending on the price. You may find low priced diapers but they are surely of inferior quality which means you are compromising on your child’s safety just to save a few bucks. In fact Huggies diapers are also not priced on the higher side yet you can avail for these diapers at a big discount now.The huggies total protection medium size diapers absorb moisture of your little one and soak it really well. even though your baby may be wet but yet it gives him/her the feeling of dry all because of the huggies diapers.

Choosing the right diaper is a very important decision as parent you can make. Thus choosing Huggies will never let you regret on your decision and never the less never even let you jump to another brand. we strike to serve the best quality for your baby. These diapers are soft with a cushion filling inside that allows your babies skin to breathe too.

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Rs 275
Rs 228