Buy iBall Shaan I153 Dual Sim at Flat Discount of Rs. 250 – Rediff

Sonali Singh

It is a task of added headache to change SIM cards when you own more than one. If you have been tussling always with the same, you gotta get rid of the archaic handset that you have now. Now working on two SIMs, for one is personal and the other is official, is relatively easy now. The smart and dynamic iBall Shaan I153 Dual Sim phone is the relief that you need. Now buy iBall Shaan I153 Dual Sim at flat discount of Rs. 250/-. Brought to you by at highly affordable price. Get now the iBall Shaan I153 Dual Sim phone, for there never another chance.

How to buy iBall Shaan I153 Dual Sim phone?

  1. Shop to buy iBall Shann I153 Dual Sim on
  2. Use coupon code: SAVE250 to enjoy discounts.
  3. Click on Add to Cart.

The comfortable set of the phone makes it perfectly handy to be clutched in. Carry it in your pocket, bag, handbag for ladies, or in your hand, the iBall phone will always add to your style. Armored with new fascinating features like the 4.49 cm clear display and the LED super torch, the phone is an asset to be owned. The built-in camera of the iBall Shaan I153 Dual Sim phone adds to your liberty of capturing images whenever and where ever you want.

The phone comes with micro SD Card support up to 4GB. Enjoy the connectivity of the phone with the smart bluetooth technology and the USB mass storage. Comes, with the warranty, the iBall Shaan I153 Dual Sim is backed up with polyphonic ringtones. It is a nifty package that is backed with a lot more features. You do not have to spend obscenely to get decent features that is a need today. Get the iBall Shaan Dual Sim Phone now.


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