iDance Hipster 705 Headset from Flipkart at Extra 10% Off-Flat Rs 2205


iDance Hipster 705 Headset from Flipkart is now available at an excellent price of Rs 2205 after an extra 10% off . This is beautifully designed headset brought from the house of iDance.

How to buy iDance Hipster 705 Headset from Flipkart :

  • Click on buy iDance Hipster 705 Headset from Flipkart.
  • Click on Buy Now.
  • Make Payment.

Key Features :

  • Wired.
  • Circumaural.
  • Closed Headset.
  • 44 mm Headset Driver Units.
  • 15 Hz – 20000 Hz Headset Frequency Response.
  • 32 ohm Headset Impedance.
  • Over-the-ear Headset.
  • Over-the-head Design.
  • Built-in Microphone.

About iDance :

iDance (stylized as Positive Gaming iDANCE) is a music video game developed by Positive Gaming. It is a four-panel dance game, similar toDance Dance Revolution and In The Groove. The game is currently available in a multi player setup with wireless dance pads and support for up to 32 players.Before iDance, Positive Gaming had been the European distributor for In the Groove, a 4-panel dance game developed by the American company Roxor Games.Positive Gaming also helped develop a multiplayer version of In The Groove 2, specifically designed for fitness centers and schools, helping try to make “machine dance” more popular in Europe, with their multiplayer system also being featured during the 2007 Eurovision Dance Contest.

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Rs 2450
Rs 2205