IHomes Power Plus LED Desk Lamp from Pepperfry at Flat 82% Off


The white and blue color combination IHomes power plus LED desk lamp that is portable and very useful. Use it when you on the go or use it while you want to study. Even when you want to read your book while you in the bed for a good nigh sleep you can switch on this lamp that illuminates the area around you brightly without having to disturb someone else in your room or home. Available at pepperfry.com at 82% costing originally Rs.1099 but you can save Rs.900 and purchase it for only Rs.199 now. No damage or second hand product sold at this cost. A fresh and brand new packed piece you can avail at this price. You can even purchase this product for gifting purpose. The 12 ultra bright LED lights lamp head extends to a wide angle for better light.

How to buy IHomes power plus LED desk lamp:-

  • Purchase here at best price the IHomes power plus LED desk lamp.
  • Choose quantity and click on buy now.
  • Make safe and secure payment.

IHomes Power Plus LED Desk lamp


LED desk lamp is light in weight thus can be a easy carry on your travel. Also you can easily move it within the house then you can place it anywhere in your home as per your requirement. At one time you may need it in the hall and another time in your room. Thus a very handy and consumer friendly product. This lamp works on battery and uses three AA size battery that is easily available in the market. They can be flattened for folding when you want to store them during your transit.

The LED lamp are the latest development of technology that well fits into the budget and use of the consumer for today’s generation. A very valuable product being sold at a very throw away price so that it can cater to the increasing demand and popularity of this product. Thus you can say the LED desk lamp is a discreet feather light product with great adjustability.

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Rs 1099
Rs 199