Independence Day offer Philips Hair dryer from Flipkart starting Rs595

Sonali Singh

Doll yourself  like a star each time when you step out of your shells and stun people around you. This Independence Day, get independence from the hassles of wet hair. Bringing to you all new adept Philips Hair dryer from Flipkart to keep you salon-ready always, just at a comfortable starting price of Rs 595/- only.

How to get Philips Hair dryer from Flipkart?

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  • Enjoy free home delivery.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • 30 Day replacement Guarantee.
  • Delivery in 2-3 business days.

Keep struggling with your messy hair quite often?. And you give a  thousand of trials to set your wet hair before going out, but still find yourselves caught-dead in a bad situation. Leave all your worries and hassles behind, because Philips Hair dryer from Flipkart does this all easy for you. Equipped with a concentrator and two heat settings, Philips Hair dryer from Flipkart, is a personal care appliance that dries your locks within no time. So, worry not while going to office on a cold chilly day when your wet hair could let you freeze, just plug in your Philips Hair dryer from Flipkart and dry-set your hair within no minutes. Short, smart ad handy, Philips hair dryer from Flipkart is very compact and can be accomodated in your bag, your wardrobe or in a drawer easily. It is easy to use and can help set you, your hair and give your hair a new style even. Armed with a air flow regulator, to help you regulate the blow of air at your ease. So you do not have to care anymore about salon appointments and and splurge a lot in the hair-treatments to get a new hair look each day. Do your hair with Philips Hair dryer from Flipkart and get all the stunning looks. Check out the details of the very amazing Philips Hair dryer from Flipkart and get the one now.

Product details:

  • Key Features.
  • Uses Concentrator.
  • 2 Speed Settings.
  • 2 Heat Settings.
  • Tangle-free 1.8 m Cord.
  • Storage Hook.
  • Consumes 1000 W Power.
  • Salon Compact.

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  1. Umanand

    My friend got a perm completed a week ago plus it wasn’t performed effectively. How lengthy does she should wait to go someplace else plus receive another 1 without frying her hair????


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