Instyler Hot Iron Curler & Straightener at Rs. 1195-72% Off

Sowmya Nair

Good hair is the best accessory any girl can wear everyday. Are you suffering from bad hair days? Suffer no more. Buy this Instyler Hot Iron Curler & Straightener today. Nourish you hair with warm hair oil, wash with harmless shampoo and condition hair. And then add a splash of magic! What magic? Well, style your hair. Don’t settle for the usual. Be known for trying various hairstyles. This Instyler Hot Iron can be used to both curl and straighten hair. Step out with glossy straight hair on one day and beautiful curl locks on the neck. Rapunzel or Goldilocks, you choose your look of the day! This Curved Ceramic Floating Plate smooths hair without crushing or flattening. It also minimizes heat to reduce frizz & damage.

How to buy Instyler Hot Iron Curler & Straightener at Rs. 1195:

Instyler Hot Iron Curler

  1. Buy Instyler Hot Iron Curler & Straightener from
  2. Click on BUY NOW
  3. Apply coupon code ISTYLE500 to get this for Rs. 1195

Buy Instyler Hot Iron Curler & Straightener from at Rs. 1195. Save Rs. 3795! Step out looking like a diva in your ramp-ready super hot hairstyle!

Product Description:

Unit Features & Benefits
Heated Rotating Barrel – Straightens, Curls and Polishes Hair
Barrel – Gets Closer to the Roots, Tighter Curls and Tighter Flips
410° F / 210° C Ceramic Heat – Salon Quality Results
Multiple Heat Settings – For Fine, Medium and Coarse Hair
Curved Ceramic Floating Plate – Smoothes Hair Without Crushing or Flattening and Minimizes Heat to Reduce Frizz & Damage
First Row of Bristles – Separates and Aligns Hair
Second Row of Bristles – Polishes the Hair While Adding Volume & Shine


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  1. Natheer

    My hair is very brief, regarding right down to my shoulders. It’s equally form of curly. Whenever it dries it’s frizzy. Many usual straighteners function yet they don’t keep it strait all day long. Is the Instyler proper for me? If not, what would we suggest?


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