Intex Computer M/m Headphone Wireless Roaming at RS 539 – 25% OFF + 10% OFF


This one is all for you music lovers!! You keep listening music all the time, be you in your happy or sad moods. So, why still using your old headphones with those long wires?? Here, Intex introduces you trendy and stylish headphones and that too without any wires. Use these headset for listening music, or even for the video chats.


How to buy Intex Computer m/m headphone wireless Roaming :

With this wireless design , and provides you with a transmission range of about 30 metres. The intex computer m/m headphone wireless roaming enhances the quality of voice and gives you excellent performance, making your music experience so good. It is even very comfortable to ears , unlike those wired earphones. Versatile headphones, as you can use them even with your tvs,  mp3 players, as well as with your cd/dvd players or other multimedia players. The headphones support stylish and attractive black shade and is even fitted with soft ear cushions. This contemporary headphones make a perfect choice for all those people who love enjoying good music . At just Rs 539, with an offer of additional 10% off , things cannot get better than this one.  Wear them for whole day , and you are not going to feel as if you are holding some kind of buredn over your head . This is just so comfortable, and even the clarity goes as high as would be there in any cinema hall. It’s not the time to think of anything else , just open the link and order this fantastic intex computer m/m headphone wireless roaming for yourself now !! Make a trend of these hot wireless headphones amongst all your friends.

Product Details:

Category: Headphone
Brand: Intex
Model ID: Wireless Roaming
Color: Black
Key Features:

  • Wireless headphone
  • Wireless Net chat
  • FM radio
  • High sensitivity
  • Interference resistance
  • Effective range over 8m
  • Reception beyond obstacle wall
  • Bass speaker for great enjoyment
  • Hi-Fi for beautiful sound


2 Responses to “Intex Computer M/m Headphone Wireless Roaming at RS 539 – 25% OFF + 10% OFF”

  1. Akshar

    I connected the headphones, but the speakers are still connected.

    How do I switch it over without disconnecting one of them?

  2. I have a cable modem along with a wireless router with 4 LAN ports. I like to create a second wireless network by plugging inside a second wireless router into 1 of the CAT-5 ports found on the initially router. Is this possible?


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