Jaipan Juicy Juicer with 1 Year warranty at Rs 1166 Only


In this itching summer the brutal sun, increasing the temperature like never before. Bring home the jaipan juicy juicer and enjoy your favorite juice in your couch. For your kids make their summer vacation delightfully juicy with Jaipan Juicy Juicer from snapdeal at just Rs.1166 only. Kids generally don’t like eating fruits, rather than eating it just a play for them and headache for their mothers, Jaipan Juicy Juicer is all you need. Any fruit strawberries, oranges, mangoes easily with no effort blends into a delicious juice in just a second. So why waiting, in this irritating summer get the freshness of your favorite fruit with Jaipan Juicy Juicer, preserving all the natural nutritions. Grease your thirsty throat with cool refreshing juice from Jaipan Juicy Juicer.


Its compact size makes it easy to handle and carry. Easy to clean, removable juice extractor jar can serve many purpose for serving your delicious fruit juice. Jaipan Juicy Juicer need only 300 W Power Consumption without burning your electricity bills. Grab this amazing Jaipan Juicy Juicer with 1 year manufacturing warranty and make this summer for your kids and family a refreshing juicy experience. Enjoy the real fruit juice packed with natural nutrition in just a one click.

How To Get Jaipan Juicy Juicer with 1 Year warranty at Rs 1166 Only:

  1. Buy Jaipan Juicy Juicer.
  2. Click on Buy Now.
  4. Free delivery.
  5. Dispatch in 3 business days.
  6. 7 days return policy.
  7. Limited period offer.

Description of Jaipan Juicy Juicer:

  • Type – Juicer.
  • Functions – Juicing.
  • Model – Juicy.
  • Brand – Jaipan.
  • Power Consumption – 300 W.
  • Power Input – 230 V.
  • Revolutions – 12000 RPM.
  • Juicing – Yes.
  • Juice Extractor Jar – Yes.
  • Material – Stainless Steel.

About Jaipan:

Jaipan Industries Limited is one of the largest company involved in manufacturing and marketing of various Home Appliances and Non stick cookware’s under the brand name of Jaipan. It is also specialized in manufacturing of consumer durable products.

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  1. I have been utilizing a blender to create smoothies because last 6 months yet today i have bored of the smoothies……can u recommend a wise juicer that is inexpensive plus effortless to wash…also when u could recommend a limited juice tips,it is good


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