JEE Mains Mathematics Book in Just 40 Days 2014 4th Edition – Rediff

Sonali Singh

The JEE i.e. the Joint Entrance Examination is among the toughest exams in the country. An exam that screens almost millions of student every year. Examining, testing, and finally filtering them for the admission. And why not for its not a kid’s play to beat the JEE. Its just not the luck that would be kind enough all the time. Its only the attitude of burning the midnight oil that will help achieve targets. So for the aspirants of the JEE who want to have the prefix IITian added to their names. Study with the best book for the JEE Mains. Let your dreams blossom and you be on top in your class. Get the JEE Mains Mathematics book to get an insight in just 40 days. The latest 2014 4th edition brought to you by

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JEE Mains Mathematics Book

The book from Arihant experts is brought for the IIT  aspirants. With clearly defined concepts and formulas, the book comes at Rs 189/-. You save immensely shopping with The language used is pretty much understandable. You catch the concepts and fundamentals easily. Get the JEE Mains Book for mathematics now. This is a revision cum crash course kind of book. It helps to build concepts firmly. Single option correct, assertion, reason and all types of questions are given. You can also have self-assessment tests at times to evaluate yourselves. Solved papers at the end are also a part of the book.

Talking a little more about the JEE, it is conducted by the CBSE. The Central Board of Secondary Education undertakes this exam every year for the admission of students in undergraduate program. Premier institutes like IITs, NITs and few other government funded institutes form part of this. Students with great enthusiasm and vigor prepare for this exam.

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