Jorss Fabulous Black 2 Umbrellas Combo Rs 249 – 69% OFF!



We all have that one day when it’s so important for us to go somewhere and lightning strikes and the weather goes haywire and and it starts to rain, washing with it our dreams and hopes of going somewhere out! For most of us this may be the end of the story and the day would be ruined. But not for kids! They still want to go out and still want to play and go to school and stuff, right?¬†Well, not you don;t need to be a worrying parent anymore because here we have the most beautiful thing that you can ever imagine for your kid! Here are the, Jorss Fabulous Black 2 Umbrellas Combo at Rs. 249 ONLY! Never again they will have to think about getting dirty while playing for getting drenched in the rain if you fear they will catch diseases. Never again, folks! Just go out and play, play all the way! And moreover you get it at Rs. 249 ONLY! 2 Umbrellas at JUST Rs. 249!

How to get the Jorss Fabulous Black 2 Umbrellas Combo at Rs 249 –

1. Get your Jorss Fabulous Black 2 Umbrellas Combo at JUST Rs. 249 from snapdeal.
2. Click on BUY NOW
3. Never be afraid of your children or little siblings getting wetting in the rain again!

We always want to secure the safety of those around us and specially our little ones. And with these umbrellas you can be assured that nothing will touch your child except your love.Get this Jorss Fabulous Black 2 Umbrellas Combo and never be afraid again! Never think again twice before sending your kid out to play in the open. Plus in the monsoon season these come in very handy when early morning, it’s raining cats and dogs and you have to drop your child off to school, say on a two-wheeler! really helpful, ain’t it? Buy your Jorss Fabulous Black 2 Umbrellas Combo from right here at just Rs. 249! Hurry Up!


  • Combo contains 2 umbrellas
  • Color: Black outside and Silver inside
  • Material: Polyester
  • Pole stretch height: 46 cm
  • Folding size: 32 cm
  • Expanding size: 88 cm diameter
  • UV protection for all time usage
  • Waterproof and non stick material
  • Comfortable gripped handle

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Jorss Fabulous Black 2 Umbrellas Combo