Kaiserhoff Stainless Steel Knife Set of 6 at Rs 299 – Flat 25% Off


Amazon India has come up with a great offer on best Selling stainless Steel knife Set. You can now get set of 5 ultra sharp knives and one pair of scissors.  They are a must have in every kitchen. A perfect companion for chefs and cooks. The Kaiserhoff Stainless Steel Knife Set is designed very intelligently and is very ergonomical  to use.

Kaiserhoff Stainless Steel Knife Set In Box, Set of 6

How to buy Kaiserhoff Stainless Steel Knife Set In Box, Set of 6 at Rs 299 25% off?

  1. View the Knife set in box here.
  2. Click on add to kart.
  3. Ultra fast delivery from Amazon India.

The best value for money package containing a sturdy holder, and various length blades to meet the demand of all the kitchen activities. The steel used is of good quality with a ‘rostfrei’ label (the original German rust-free steel, look it up). The all-purpose scissors has good leverage and is very sharp too.



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Rs 399
Rs 299