Kent Ultra UV Technology Water Purifier at Rs 5500 Only

Shweta Anand

Did you know that although our world, the earth, is 75 percent water, only 2 percent of it is in it’s drinkable form? Water is literally life and we take extra care to purify it with the Kent Ultra UV Technology Water Purifier. What is available to you in the market for Rs. 5,900/- is brought to you by for just Rs. 5,500/- without the additional time, money and effort spent on going to the store and having a store-bought unit delivered to your door-step!

How to buy the Kent Ultra UV Technology Water Purifier at Rs 5500 Only?

Kent Ultra UV Technology Water Purifier
Kent Ultra UV Technology Water Purifier at Rs 5500 Only
  1. Click to view the Kent Ultra UV Technology Water Purifier
  2. Click on BUY
  3. Enter Quantity
  4. Select Proceed to Payment helps you save up to 7% on an equipment that does not come at any discounted rates in the market shops. When Hema Malini and her daughters have approved of this product, it has to be really good! they are health conscious celebrities who would endorse only what is best!


Once the Product Been Delivered at Your Door Step . Please Call Kent Customer Care  No :- “0120-3870400”.
Installation and unpacking will be done only by manufacturer within 1 – 3 Business days after delivery .

Description :-

This UV Technology Water Purifier Ultra is a high quality water purifier from the reputed brand of Kent. It purifies the water in three different stages which makes it impeccably pure and safe for drinking. The filter is made with high quality activated carbon which kills all the impurities of water. UV lamp and radiator ensures that the water is free from any kind of micro organisms and impurities, thus making it completely pure without even a hint of any impurity present in it. The purifier also maintains the taste of the water with the effective and advanced RO system. The Kent Ultra UV Technology Water Purifier requires a low maintenance cost that is very pocket friendly!

Product Features:

  • Resulted from the latest innovations in UV technology protects drinking water from bacteria & viruses efficiently over common UV Water Purifiers
  • It uses Sediment Filter and Activated Carbon Filter which is extremely effective in killing bacteria, viruses & other micro-organisms
  • Fit-in UV alarm that automatically goes in action if the UV Lamp stops functioning .
  • CE Certified
  • The 11 W high energy UV Lamp provides greater UV intensity than a standard lamp
  • Designed with state – of – the art 3 – stage advanced UV filtration system.
  • For Mounting on Kitchen Wall


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