Kent Water Purifier Gold UF Gravity at Rs 2280 – 16% OFF


Do you take for granted your water to be free from germs? Let me tell you that if you do so you will have to bear the worst consequences in future. Drinking good and purified water is very essential for the health which many of us have ignored these days. Kent Water Purifier Gold UF Gravity taking care of your health has developed a purifier that will remove impurities from the water so that it is safe to drink the water then. Kent Water Purifierwas anyways reasonably priced at Rs.2700 but yet it has introduced a 16% off on its price which is now made available only for you all reading this  only for Rs.2280.



How to buy Kent Water Purifier:-

  • Buy Kent Water Purifier for only Rs.2280 now.
  • Roll mouse over image for a larger view.
  • Click on buy.
  • Make safe and secure payment.
  • Product delivered free of cost.
  • Product dispatched in 3 business days.
  • One year warranty (in selected cities) on the product.
  • Make complete utilization of the product.

Kent Water Purifier is a transparent tank made of unbreakable food-grade plastic. It makes the water better to taste and free it from bacterial contaminants. Thus through this harmful bacteria is prevented from entering our body. It makes use of ¬†activated carbon for better disinfection of water. Water purifiers cost much less than boiling water. Water Purifiers are one time investment for life long while boiling water is a usage of gas for life long. Water purifiers reduced the risk of gastrointestinal disease by 33% by removing cryptosporidium and giardia from drinking water. Drinking pure water is very essential for children. Water purifiers provide the healthiest water for the development of the children’s immune systems. When we for a party or any outing we end up spending the equivalent amount of the cost of the Kent Water Purifier. Now think what is more important? Outings or Health?


2 Responses to “Kent Water Purifier Gold UF Gravity at Rs 2280 – 16% OFF”

  1. Abhiraam

    which watar purifier filter is beter …. kent or auqa guard ? plz give ur knowledge i wanna use this for home use

  2. Dipesh

    that you is better pure it, kent…if any alternative thus please mention with qualities.


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