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There are certain things you cannot let go of no matter how modernized or urbanized you become. They are the certain basic resources without which we will perish. Water is an indispensable element. The entire mother earth is dependent on. Quenching everyone’s thirst, water is an underrated element.  But are you safe drinking the water which you are currently using? Pollution today has made environment lose its purity then how could water be left unaffected? It spreads millions of diseases. Water related diseases cause millions and millions of deaths every year across the globe. This reason could be at least minimized to zero level. Use Kent Water Purifier GRAND from Homeshop18 and save yourself from all worries.

How to buy Kent Water Purifier GRAND at just Rs 14495/- ?

  1. View the deal onto buy Kent Water Purifier GRAND.
  2. Click on “BUY NOW” button.
  3. Fill in your details and choose your mode of payment.
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Boiling water alone does not remove toxic chemicals. Every family needs a water purifier to safeguard their health. Bring home this Kent Water Purifier GRAND that uses advanced technology to remove bacteria, pesticides and other harmful chemicals found in water. Kent Water Purifier GRAND will protect you and your family from water borne diseases and give pure, healthy and tasty water. It also gives you water with the perfect amount of minerals and salts needed for a good health. With Kent Water Purifier GRAND you get water that isn’t just pure, but stays pure for longer.You can sit back and relax. Kent Water Purifier GRAND works in such a way that you get water which has been treated twice. Water purification by RO and UV.Hurry Up !

Key Features

  • Double Purification by RO & UV
  • Computer Controlled Operation
  • Filter Change Alarm & UV Fail Alarm
  • Spin-welded RO Membrane Housing.
  • Push-fit components.
  • Elegant design with transparent cover.

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