KFC Zinger Wednesday Offer Buy One Get One Free Burger


KFC is known for its best fried chicken and there is no alternative to it. Equally good is it best selling and yummy Zinger Burger. Now KFC Zinger Wednesday offer brings to you a grand KFC offer buy one and get one free. The Vegetarians don’t need to crib well this offer is applicable to both the Veg and Non-Veg Zingers. In fact Wednesdays are the best days to treat your friends. You can treat them for half the price. Hmm now that’s what we call wise thinking!


 How to avail the KFC Zinger Wednesday Offer Buy One Get One Free Burger?

  1. Go to the KFC website here.
  2. Order your favorite Zinger burger on a Wednesday.
  3. Enter the coupon code KFCD07.
  4. You’re order will reach you by 45 mins.

Get Flat 20% Off on Online Orders Above Rs 300


Get 5pc Hot Wings Fee on All Online Orders Above Rs 400


Eat Colonel Sanders best recipe chicken in a burger, or if you’re a vegetarian eat the Veg variant and attain bliss. Once if you try you’ll understand why people at KFC have their jingle as ‘Finger lickin’ Good!.






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