Buy Kiara Hand Bags at Discounted Price | Flipkart -Starting at Rs.343


Ladies! The season is changing. So, should your hand bag. Pamper yourself. Get the Kiara Hand bags at discounted price. These are beautiful bags and are spacious. Flipkart gives you Kiara hand bags at discounted price. Choose a handbag of your favorite color. Get all ready to flaunt it. After all, shopping and ladies go together. Always. Here is how you can indulge in the discount.

How to buy Kiara hand bags at discounted price from flipkart ?

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a bag you would love to own.
  3. Click on Add to cart.
  4. Cash on delivery available.
  5. 30 day replacement guarantee.
  6. Delivered in 2-3 business days.

Some More Options are available here .

Option 1.

Option 2.

Hand bags are a part and parcel of every girl`s life. Spotting a girl in public without a handbag is like trying to spot a unicorn. More than a style icon, handbags are more of a necessity. They let you keep all your stuff at one place. Proper and neat. so that you need not have to carry multiple small bags like a clutch and a cell phone pouch. Throw them all in one bag and roam around. It is a much more comfortable solution than anything else. There is a sale going on at flipkart. It gives kiara hand bags at discounted price. Kiara hand bags are known for their stylish and funky hand bags. They are available in different vibrant colors. You can choose over 125 different varieties of Kiara hand bags at discounted price. The price is ranging from Rs. 343 – Rs. 873. These are very reasonably priced. The kiara hand bags at discounted price are spacious, comfortable and of smooth fabric. They are in different prints and designs. One can flaunt them happily. These bags are a must have in your daily wear wardrobe. Hurry up and grab one.

Product Description:

  • 3 Compartments.
  • Printed Design.
  • Ideal for Women.
  • Zipper Closure.
  • 2 Pockets.
  • Hand Bag.



2 Responses to “Buy Kiara Hand Bags at Discounted Price | Flipkart -Starting at Rs.343”

  1. Chandra Nagarajan

    In this modern world everyone desires to seem distinctive like celebrities and I feel we can get that look with matching painted handbags. To let you know, my sister is so fascinated about handbags, and she has a different collection of bags, wallets and even belts. In those, she loves the painted leather hand bags, and I think she has purchased it online.

    These days I am looking for such a type of unique handbags and Kiara seems to fit the bill.


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