Kingston 16GB Micro SD Card Class 10 at Rs 1000 – 11% OFF


16gb micro sd card by Kingston is your answer to the portability of all your collection of music,videos,photos and any type of media which you like to carry with you always. This micro sd card can fit in mostly all of the phones available today and no need to  install any special software for it. Just fit it in your phone and enjoy. All this you can get now in just Rs 1000 at a 11% discount. The original price of this card is Rs.1100.

 How to buy Kingston 16gb micro sd card:-

  1. Buy 16gb miro sd card now only for Rs 1000.
  2. Click on buy.
  3. Proceed to payment.
  4. make safe payment.
  5. Product dispatched in 3 business days.
  6. Enjoy free delivery.
  7. Lifetime manufacturers warranty.
  8. Product sold by U Online.
  9. if product not as per standard you can avail of 7 days return policy.

16gb micro sd card is also a class 10 performance, which means it is much more faster now. So you forget the days when you have to wait to load big size videos and photos in your phone. Since it belongs to class 10, you can enjoy minimum data transfer rates of 10MB/s. With this Kingston 16GB Micro SD Card you can enjoy all your media anywhere and anytime without any problem and with 16GB size, now you do mot have to think of deleting any photos or songs or videos to fit in new stuffs. Especially with all new smartphones with so many applications available its a must to have a this micro sd card to make use of your smartphone to the fullest. The card capacity is 16gb and its dimension is 11mm by 15mm by 1mm.

About Kingston:-

Kingston has grown to be the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products. With global headquarters in Fountain Valley, California, Kingston employs more than 4,000 people worldwide. Regarded as one of the “Best Companies to Work for in America” by Fortune magazine, Kingston’s tenets of respect, loyalty, flexibility and integrity create an exemplary corporate culture.

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  1. Jankesh

    I’m getting a chosen micro SD card for my telephone off somebody on Craigslist, plus besides any performance factors, is there any protection factors I ought to be aware of? I understand this sounds very unlikely plus is strictly hypothetical, yet might is it possible for somebody to embed viruses or spyware on it? Anything of which type? It’s a Samsung Micro SD Card plus it came inside the official box, thus I recognize it’s an actual product.


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Rs 1100
Rs 1000