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Fatima Ansari

How bored do you get looking at your wardrobe every Monday before work at the same dull formal shirts? It is just an add on to the Monday blues that we all experience. But we have a brilliant solution to your problem. Dealstan brings you a great deal on Shirts for Men at Low Prices . The Shirts for Men at Low prices are available in a pack of 5 assorted Koutons shirts for men at just Rs 599.

How to buy Formal Shirts for Men?

  1. Go to buy  Formal Shirts For Men.
  2. Click on buy now.

The Shirts for Men at Low Prices are worth nothing less than INR 7500/-, so you save a whopping INR 6300/- on these amazing formal set of shirts. You take home these branded Kouton shirts at just INR 240/- each. Now doesn’t that make a great deal! All the 5 shirts in the pack are 100% cotton to give you an all day relaxed feel. And if your job requires a lot of field work, then this is absolutely perfect for your work wear. With the fabric being cotton, these shirts will help absorb the sweat and perspiration. Apart from being comfortable, these shirts are extremely high on style. The Shirts for Men at Low Prices comes in 5 different colours including green, beige, blue, grey and peach.

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  1. Markanday

    If a man removes a formal shirt 1 switch at a time plus unbuttons all of the buttons before removing his shirt then he is calm, individual plus mature. A daddy kind of man that is structured, possibly an accountant.
    If the man unbuttons the initial 3 buttons plus then removes the shirt like a t-shirt then he is a bit more cavalier, spontaneous, care free, possibly artsy kind with tattoos, immature, impatient.

    Does this appear true?


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Rs 599