Krrish Toys for Kids upto 20% OFF | Krrish Activity Books for Children

Sonali Singh

Every human being listens to an umpteen number of tales and stories, as a child, and these stories are always there, stored sub-consciously in the mind. They become a part of lives. Stories about legendary heroes, fairy tales and the fictional ones, always fascinate children. Krrish, the Indian super hero, who created waves recently, is an iconic hero for children. Stamping his impression deep, he made the world fascinated with his super powers. Now your kid can have his personalized Krrish in the form of his cute toys. He can play and learn a lot at the same time. Now get Krrish toys for Kids for up to 20% OFF on

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Krrish Toys for Kids upto 20% OFF | Krrish Activity Books for Children

A launch by Pegasus, Krrish games are a series, that, are churned out especially, for kids, keeping every minutest of details intact. Enhancing your kid’s mental ability, these games are a fun unlimited. Like the game depicted here, in the picture, is a fine example of the brilliant work.┬áPegasus has launched a wide array of these diverse activity books and games, to teach and entertain our young readers. The activity books include different types of coloring books and pads, sticker books, activity books to strengthen the child vocabulary, mystic pencil, join the dots and many more.

Krrish toys for kids are just the super trick to keep your restless angel engaged. All the books are based on the characters and situations of the movie Krrish 3. Each book contains a mask of Krrish to thrill the children. They can cut out the masks and wear them too. Through Krrish 3 in 1 – 3 activity book,Pegasus has blended learning and entertainment. Hence, the innovative work will turn out to be sure shot home-teacher for little naughty ones. Krrish toys for kids at a super discount of 20%.

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  1. Pranay

    “Krrish” is this film a remake of other film? OR Was it remad into another film? Different Languages?

    Thank we inside adavanced!


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