LaOpala Melody Dinner Set – 23 pieces at 10% + 15% off!

Sowmya Nair

LaOpala Melody Dinner Set has upto 29 pieces of elegant plates, bowls and salt pepper pot. If you are sucker for classy things, you probably should take advantage of this deal. Pick any of these LaOpala Melody Dinner Set at a 10% discount and a further 15% coupon discount. An amazing kitchen with beautiful cooking and serving elements is any woman’s dream. When you have guests home, there’s nothing like a table full of look alike plates and bowls. Serve hot soups in a bowl and an amazing starter in a quarter plate and yummy food on a full plate – all of the same design and make. Your guests will appreciate your eye for detail and impeccable sense of smart serving. Be the smart one and don’t settle for a mix of plates on your dinning table. Food that’s cooked with love has to be served on a set that complements it. Buy LaOpala Melody Dinner Set today at probably the best deal you will get in a long long time.

LaOpala Melody Dinner Set

How to get LaOpala Melody Dinner Set at 10% + 15% off:

1. Go to

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Product Description:

(On attached image)


LaOpala Melody Dinner Set – BouquetLaOpala Melody Dinner Set is a perfect dinner set with fine design that simply states ‘uber’!Product Details:

  1. Free from bone ash.
  2. Microwave safe.

This set comes with the following combinations:

  1. Full plate 11? ? 6 Pcs.
  2. Quarter plate 175 mm ? 6 Pcs.
  3. Vegetable bowl 210 ml ? 6 Pcs.
  4. Rice plate 280 mm ? 1 Pcs.
  5. Serving bowl/Fruit bowl 900 ml ? 2 Pcs.
  6. Salt & pepper pot ? 1 + 1 Pcs.

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    Both my kitchen plus bathroom may receive somewhat humid sometimes, and quite warm. Can anyone suggest any specific houseplants which are appropriate for such an environment?


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LaOpala Melody Dinner Set
10%+15% OFF