Laptop Accessories Kit 8 Products at Rs 499 – 58% OFF


 Presenting  Laptop Accessories Kit 8 Products at Rs 499 – 58% OFF . Surprise to hear!You always take care of laptop  forget to care for  laptop accessory.

How to buy Laptop Accessories Kit 8 Products at Rs 499 – 58% OFF

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Laptop Accessories are very important,Without them you can not take benefit of laptop in great extent.The accessory kit consist of very useful things for you.There is a mouse with a warranty period of one year.If touch of  your laptop  is not working properly you can use this mouse for non stop work.

There is a headphone with mike so that you can chat with your friends and enjoy the music with great fun.There is a cleaning kit also.Always we forget to clean the laptop as we dont have the right tools.The kit is provided with tools for cleaning so that laptop will always be new and clean.You will enjoy working on clean laptop.There is a mouse pad also.So that you can keep your mouse.

The Laptop Accessories Kit has great discount of 58%.You can get almost eight accessories in just Rs 499.So hurry up.Be the first one to take the advantage of this great kit.


Laptop Accessories Kit Contains 08 usefull products                                                 Brand

1. USB Mouse (1000 Dpi)- 1year Warranty.                                                                                                            (Tri Com)

2.Head Phone with Mike (Bass/ Treble / Clearity) – 1 year warranty.                                                        (Tri Com)

3. USB 4 port Hub 2.0 (Hi-speed) Plug n Play.                                                                                                     (Imported)

4.Laptop & Desktop Cleaing Kit (Expert on cleaning screen) .                                                                     (Imported)

5. Laptop Key Board Skin to protect your laptop’s Key Baord from dust and water.                         (Imported)

6. All-in-one card Reader for Desktop, Laptop, Mobile & Speaker User’s Supports.                           (Quantum)

7. Mouse Pad .                                                                                                                                                                    (Imported)

8. USb LED Light ….plu n play.                                                                                                                                  (Imported)

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