Samsung Laptop Bag at Lowest Price of Rs. 514 only from Flipkart


These days, many are preferring a laptop pouch. Ever thought how much more advantageous a bag would be? Get a laptop bag at lowest price. It will be more comfortable than carrying your laptop in a pouch.

How to buy the samsung laptop bag at lowest price of Rs.514 only:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Add to Cart.

Flipkart has become popular for having everything you need. Now, a laptop bag at lowest price is available there. Laptop is indeed a fragile device. It needs to be handled carefully. Just another bag wouldn’t be proper enough to carry a laptop. A laptop needs to be properly placed in a bag. It needs to be steady to avoid any damage. A separate section is given to put the laptop in laptop bags. It holds the laptop properly. A laptop bag is sturdy and strong. It avoids the laptop from getting damaged. Buy a laptop bag at lowest price from flipkart. It is available for just Rs.514. This laptop bag at lowest price is reasonably priced and is of good quality. It is a samsung laptop bag. It holds your laptop steady. Your charger, hard disk and other accessories can also fit in easily. It has two zips. The main one and a front little pouch. The bag is spacious. It is also comfortable to wear. It is stylish and efficient. The laptop bag at lowest price is definitely an offer not to be missed. A laptop bag is indeed necessary for anyone. One does not simply give second thoughts for buying a laptop bag at lowest price. The product gets delivered in 10-11 business days. Cash on deliver and seller replacement policy are available. Hurry up. Get your laptop bag today. Happy Shopping!

Product Description:

Brand Samsung.
Model Z-NPC Backpack Slim.
Part Number AA-BP2NM5B.


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  1. Can I take my laptop bag plus my carry bag on an airplane?

    I will be travelling to Bombay. Your Suggestion awaited 🙂


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