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Imagine playing your favorite PC game and the Laptop shuts down abruptly. Imagine making your Project and the laptop turns off without a warning.Not a pleasant experience, ryt?  Well, fear not. Here Dealstan and India Cod bring you a deal which shouldnt be missed. Zebronics laptop cooling pad is here to help you out. Cooling pads increase the life of a laptop to a great extent. Zebronics laptop cooling pad has fans which run at a lightning speed. Just connect it to your laptop Via USB, and relax. This fan will do its job. these cooling pads are very effective and are available in different types The Zebronics laptop Cooling Pad comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty and with PAN India free shipping. No discount coupons required. So Hurry up and bring these cooling pads home.

Coling Pads

How to get Zebronics Laptop Cooling Pads starting at 185 :

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Zebronics NC500 : 

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About Zebronics

Founded  in 1997, At Chennai, India.
The company is present  across the country with offices in 30 cities & 74 service centers, It is one of the largest and fastest growing computer peripherals company in India.

3 Responses to “Laptop Cooling Pad from Zebronics @Rs 185”

  1. Apoorva

    I have a laptop just plus no desktop. My modem is connected to my laptop plus that’s how I connect to the web. Is there a means I could setup a router to my laptop without utilizing a desktop and being wireless. So basically connect the router to the modem plus not have any wires found on the laptop. It ought to be using wireless just.

  2. Achalraj

    I ordered a laptop cooling pad from ebay plus received it now. It cools the computer sufficiently yet affects the computer inside interesting techniques. Whenever I have it plugged inside, the computer will likely not begin effectively. It usually receive from almost all of the business task however may provide a black screen appropriate before I would commonly be choosing a consumer plus typing a password. Additionally, the laptop won’t shut off whenever it’s plugged inside. It has 4 usb ports plus they don’t function consistantly either. I just purchased the thing for $20 thus it’s possibly a bit shady however, I didn’t learn a peice of hardware might affect the laptop thus much (so negatively). If anybody knows anything which can aid or at least inform me regarding this condition it will be appreciated. Additionally, 1 of my neighbors ordered the same cooling pad plus mentioned which he hasn’t had any issues with it. Thanks!

  3. Kanishka Shikhare

    I have a Dell XPS L401X and it gets hot after 20 minutes.
    I guess this cooling pad will help me to cool down.


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Rs 185